Whether you're an established senior executive, a mid-level manager, or growing in to a management level role, we believe that a tailored, personal service is the only way to ensure that we unlock the right opportunity for you.

Everyone has an individual set of circumstances, experiences and goals. We will listen to you and will offer advice without being dictatorial. Any direction we take with you will be done so with consensus of opinion - ours and yours.

Our approach is simple. We will be honest, maintain clear lines of communication and deliver on our promises.

We are different to many recruitment companies in that we do not proactively engage candidates and then go to market to find them a job. Conversely we are employed by our clients to enter the markets and find them specialised individuals whom we approach directly.

Confidentiality is exceptionally important to us. A resume carelessly sent to a company or to the wrong person could result in the loss of your job. Likewise, allowing any one in the market to know that you are engaged with us, except for those agreed by you is strictly avoided. We recognize the need to protect candidates from any such problem. Our candidates and referral sources are our most valuable asset and we in no way wish to compromise their livelihood. We always obtain your direct permission before sharing any of your information.

Our Service

Direct Approach from ourselves to establish interest levels
In-depth telephone interview or detailed face-to-face consultation
Request for a fully up to date CV from you
We will confidentially introduce you to our client on your behalf, specific to the particular job we have discussed with you
Regular communication with you throughout the process